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"He's a great teacher, who tailors his teaching style to the particular student, and his rates are very reasonable. He also is a very skilled piano tuner."   Sue E.     

"Tim does a great job, always on time and is very professional!"    Don Hollinger

The Well Tempered Piano is your one stop source for piano tuning excellence in Hagerstown MD.Established in 1959, this family owned business has been keeping piano tuning customers satisfied for more than 50 yrs. Passed down from father to son, 2nd generation piano tuner Tim Hellane gradually started taking over the business in 1998. Skilled in both electronic strobe tuning and traditional fork tuning, Tim's highly trained ear will temper the strings of your piano in a way that's sure to please your ear. Call today to set up an appointment.       717-830-3664

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